The Process

Through careful application of heat and pressure, Jim bends the coins into rings without losing any of the intricate original design. Through the entire process, the image from the opposite side of the coin is saved and remains clearly visible. To find the perfect coin ring, you can either choose one of the hundreds of current rings we have in stock, or we can locate a specific coin that works for your specific situation.


Discovering the Coin for Your Ring

A coin ring is a very customized gift or piece of jewellery. If you are looking for a coin from your country of heritage from a specific year, Jim will use his experience to help you find great options.


Finding the Perfect Coin

Once we decide on the perfect coin for your ring the next step is to get it. Jim can use his extensive network of coin collectors from all over the world to find that perfect coin.

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Crafting the Perfect Ring

Once we have found and sourced the coin specific for your needs then the crafting can begin. Depending on work load a ring can be made very quickly once we have the coin. Sometimes in only a few days to a couple of weeks. We ship Internationally.

Start the Journey to Find Your Perfect Coin Ring Today

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