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We take coins sourced from all over the world and hand create beautiful rings with real meaning for you to cherish and hand down. We also seek out and find coins that fit your specific heritage and situation.


We create custom rings with coins from all over the world. We make Coin ring Wedding Bands. We also custom mint coins for you business or organization that can also be crafted into custom rings.

Gasoline Alley
Farmers Market

You can find us at the Gasoline Alley Indoors Farmers Market in Red Deer, Alberta. This market runs every Saturday and Sunday year round. Come check us out.

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``Creating a coin ring from your family heritage makes a meaningful way to remember and honor where you come from.`` -Jim

Jim Petriko

Jim Petriko is taking what started out as a hobby over six years ago and is transforming it into a successful, fulfilling career.

Through careful application of heat and pressure, he bends the coins into rings without losing any of the original design of the coins.

Coin Rings

Continental Coin Rings is re-purposing coins from all over the world and making them into stunning jewelry. By taking coins through a careful process of heat and pressure, we bend them into rings without loosing any of the design that was part of the original coin.

What is even more remarkable is that through this entire process, the image from the opposite side of the coin is clearly visible and saved.

Coin rings have been around for many years. There are stories of rings being made from coins during WWI and WWII as keepsakes and to pass the time.

Coin Ring

Minted Coins

We custom mint coins in silver, gold and copper for your company or organization.

Being involved with groups and organizations helping to design coins specifically for them is very satisfying,” Jim says. “Each coin is a work of art that tells their story to the world. And it does so in pure silver, gold and copper.

Think of the possibilities! What if we took that custom minted coin and made it into a one-of-a-kind ring? That absolutely takes it to another level.